When It's Best to Hire a Migration Agent in Australia

Posted on: 25 September 2015

When you need any type of visa for entering Australia, you can of course fill out the paperwork and go through the process on your own. However, it's often best to hire a migration agent to handle this process for you. There are many advantages to working with such an agent, especially when you may face challenges with your application. Note when it's always a good idea to have an agent working to get you a visa for entering Australia.

1. When you're in a hurry to get your paperwork done

A migration agent may not be able to get your paperwork pushed through any faster than if you filed your application on your own, but their expertise can ensure that you don't face unnecessary delays. If you omit some information on your application or answer a question incorrectly, this can delay the filing process indefinitely. If you're in a hurry to get your visa or a visa for someone else, be safe and have a migration agent handle the process for you.

2. When you don't have all the paperwork required

Not having certain pieces of paperwork won't necessarily mean that your application will be denied, and a migration agent can advise you on how this might apply in your case. As an example, if you're applying for a visa for your partner to whom you're not married, you may not need to produce joint bank accounts or tax returns alone for your application to be approved. You may be able to show a joint apartment lease or shared mortgage or even mail that you both receive at the same address. A migration agent can advise you of how such alternatives may be acceptable in your case.

3. If English is not your first language

It's never good to assume that you can simply figure out paperwork for a visa application when English is not your first language. You may overlook supporting paperwork that is required or file the paperwork incorrectly simply because you misunderstood directions. A migration agent will go over everything you fill out and prepare to submit and also ensure that the application is sent to the right address and that nothing is overlooked. This is a much better option than assuming you can simply have someone translate paperwork for you or relying on broken English to fill out something as important and somewhat technical as a visa application. For more information, contact a business such as The Immigration Group Pty Ltd.