Why You Should Always Contact An Immigration Lawyer When Trying To Bring Your Family Over To Australia

Posted on: 13 October 2020

Whether you are trying to settle your family permanently in Australia or just want them to be with you for a little while, getting an immigration lawyer should always be your priority when dealing with a family visa. This is not a simple process, and ensuring you get everything right and having someone to fight for your cause are essential. If you don't want to get bogged down in endless red tape, then here are a few reasons why you should consider retaining an immigration lawyer when trying to bring your family over.

Figuring Out The Appropriate Visa

While the term family visa might seem like a comprehensive phrase, in actuality, it is a reference to over a dozen visas that fall in the family category. There are family visas that concentrate on aged dependents to ones specifically for New Zealand residents. Figuring out the correct visa and the correct time frame is important when applying for your family to come and stay with you. Not only can filling out the wrong visa application delay your family coming to stay with you for several months if not years but it could render you ineligible for a certain period of time.

Temporary Or Permanent

There is a big difference in temporary or permanent family visas, with temporary visas often required before you can apply for a permanent visa. If you want to stay in Australia, then the easiest way might be to simply get your family here, and then work out how to keep them here by upgrading their visa. An immigration lawyer can walk you through the best strategy for keeping your family all in one place and then fill out all the appropriate paperwork to make this happen. 

Time Taken To Hear A Verdict

Applying for visas can be a long, arduous process, and an immigration lawyer doesn't eliminate this problem completely. However, they do markedly speed up the process by submitting forms correctly, putting pressure on the system for a quicker response and then helping process the results so that you can begin the move as quickly as possible. They will walk you through the entire process so that nothing bad happens and that you understand the reasoning behind every decision. If there are delays or roadblocks, then you want someone who has the experience and qualifications to fight the system's rulings against you, and there is no one better than an immigration lawyer to do that for you.